Enertec Fuels : Worldwide leader in modular domestic, commercial, industrial biodiesel processors and complete support services
Fuelling change to biodiesel, helping to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 80%

We help you make bio-diesel from 15p per litre, a saving of over 85% compared to fossil diesel, whilst providing a return on investment within 9 months!

Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Bio Diesel Production

Biodiesel is a carbon neutral, biodegradable and non toxic fuel used all over the world by consumers. Our processors – Biostations™ can produce from 100 litres to 2,000 litres of bio diesel per batch every 24 hours through specialist intelligent process automation – EFPC™101, with larger models available via Enertec™ Fuels Ltd Consultancy.

This is achieved through our unique Biostations™ and EFPC™101, which convert either waste or virgin vegetable/cooking oils into road legal fuel for any diesel engine without the need for vehicle modification. Our Biostations™ can also be used in the domestic and commercial heating sector for oil boilers, CHP boilers, schools, colleges & universities.

Why choose an Enertec Biostation?

Having designed the world’s first “Fully enclosed” superior engineered – lean, green, biodiesel producing machines as well as our affordable biofuel process and fuel quality controller, our products have been specifically designed through extensive R&D to overcome pitfalls found in other machines, whilst providing enhanced processing techniques, safety, security, useability features not found on other machines!

Who can benefit from our Biostations?

We help individual households, taxi drivers, restaurants & hotels, haulage and transport sectors, trades, car hire companies, engineering sector, rail industry, construction firms, heating market, fleet vehicle operators and remote fuel users such as telecoms and utility companies.
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biodiesel for commercial vehicle fleets

The history & background of Biodiesel

Bio diesel is a road and off road legal alternative to fossil/mineral diesel and red diesel (not petrol), has many of the characteristics of normal mineral diesel, but is typically made from vegetable oils.

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Taxation & The Environment

Since June 2007, you are now permitted to produce up to 2,500 litres of bio – diesel annually without having to pay ANY duty or VAT. 2,500 litres is enough fuel to run 2 vehicles a year.

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government support for biodiesel manufacture

Government Support for Biofuels

Enertec™ and biodiesel as a bio fuel are evolving at the forefront of the rapidly growing Clean Tech sector as the UK government continues to strengthen it’s support for renewable fuels and biodiesel.

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What to do next...

So if you are looking to take control and drive down your diesel costs, contact one of our dedicated team, who look forward to taking your call & discussing how much money you could be saving!

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